W Bro. William Shaw
The Worshipful Master sits in the east, symbolic of the rising sun, and presides over the Lodge, like a chairman.

Immediate Past Master
W. Bro. John lawless
Although not actually an office (as the position is his by right), the IPM is normally the previous Master and acts as a guide and support to the Master when needed. He sits on the immediate left of the Worshipful Master.

Senior Warden

The Senior Warden sits in the west, symbolic of the setting sun, and assists the Worshipful Master in opening, closing and managing the Lodge. He is the second in command.

Junior Warden and Almoner
W. Bro Michael Ryland PPJGW
The Junior Warden sits in the south, symbolic of the position of the sun at midday As third in command of the Lodge he assists the Worshipful Master and Senior Warden in their duties.

Senior Deacon and Treasurer
W. Bro. Keith Stanley

The principal duties of the Senior Deacon are to conduct candidates around the Lodge and speak for them during certain ceremonies and to assist the Worshipful Master.

Junior Deacon
W.Bro Knneth Birkenshaw
The office of Junior Deacon is similar in many respects to that of Senior Deacon.

Inner Guard
W. Bro Paul Corah
The IG sits just inside the door of the Lodge. He is responsible for checking that all those who enter the Lodge are qualified to do so.

W. Bro. Paul Tottle
The Tyler is sometimes known as the 'Outer Guard' of the lodge. His duty is to guard the door (from the outside), and ensure that only those who are duly qualified gain entry into the lodge meeting. He also prepares candidates for their admission

W Bro John Lawless
The Secretary's official duties include issuing the summons (A formal notice of an impending meeting), recording meeting minutes, completing statistical returns to the Grand Lodge, and advising the Worshipful Master on matters of procedure.

Director of Ceremonies
W. Bro. Raymond Miles PPDepGReg

The Director of Ceremonies is responsible for ensuring that our ceremonies are carried out with dignity and decorum.

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