On Thursday 27 May 1927, 17 members of King Edward V11 Lodge 3442 met in the Osborne hotel Bradford, and agreed to form a new Lodge – to be called ‘The Duke of York’. For various reasons, this name was unacceptable to the Provincial Grand Lodge, as was the next alternative – ‘Loyalty’. However, third time lucky, ‘Temple’ was acceptable, and on Wednesday 3rd August 1927 a Warrant was granted, confirming the number as 4963.

And so it was that the Consecration of Temple Lodge 4963, and the Installation of W Bro J A Speight as the first Worshipful Master took place in the Freemasons Hall Westgate Bradford on Monday 31 October 1927. The first meeting of the Lodge was held on 22 November 1927 (fourth Tuesday of the month), where Mr C A Gadie became the first initiated member of the Lodge. Regular meetings continued at Westgate until 1 October 1928 when we moved to the brand new Freemasons Hall Manningham Lane Bradford where we stayed until the closure of the building in August 2003.
During that time many notable occasions took place. Amongst them were; Tuesday 27 January 1942, W Bro Sir Anthony Gadie (soon to be made Provincial Grand Master) – father of our first initiated member – was made an honorary member.Tuesday 27 November 1945, a petition for the formation of a daughter Lodge to be called ‘Criterion’ was presented for consideration and was carried unanimously, resulting in the Consecration of Criterion Lodge 6220 later that year.
Tuesday 24 May 1977, congratulations were extended to W Bro E Priestley for being the first – and so far the only – member of the Lodge to receive Grand Rank. Being one of the original Lodges to meet in these rooms, we then had the privilege of being the last Lodge to ever hold a meeting there, on Tuesday 22 July 2003. A memorable occasion when many guests came to say good bye, as we opened and closed, in full, in the three Degrees for the final time. The latest chapter of our history is now unfolding. In September 2003 we moved to the Masonic Hall Mill Hey Haworth. Changing the day of meeting to the second Tuesday of each month (this has now been changed to the third Tuesday of each month) and doubling the number of Lodges in Haworth. We are grateful to the Lodge of the Three Graces for making us so welcome in our new home, and we are looking forward to a long and happy time in Haworth.


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